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I've always been a fan of creating 3D models of homes and floorplans. One day I found myself messing around on Blender, and I ended up with an Isometric bedroom, which sparked an idea to turn it into an NFT collection. From this came ISOPads, an exclusive collection of digital 3D rooms housed on the Solana Blockchain. We are excited to bring our Phase Two collection to the public, which features 100 unique ISOPads for each to own. We are bringing ISOPads into the Metaverse and creating virtual spaces for all of our holders. This is a long project, but we are hoping to bring some early examples soon.  

- Founding Team

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Founder / Designer

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After peeping into industries such as architecture, and dropshipping, I found a passion for NFTs. It started with crypto, which I got into just early last year. I spent most of the year trading and studying cryptocurrency, which led me to fall into the NFT space. I grew up playing hockey for a large chunk of my life however, I eventually got bored and switched things up. As I said before, I've tapped into a couple of different industries before, a major one being photography. This is my first NFT collection, as well as Kade and I's first joint venture. I'm excited to continue forward in development on ISOPads, and bring everyone with us!



Co-Founder / Marketing Lead

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I love to have side hustles going for me all the time so that I can meet unique people while creating something that benefits all kinds of people. I’ve known Cam since I was 12 years old and we’ve been collaborating to create something we’re both really passionate about. I’ve been around crypto for a couple of years but I have more experience with marketing and social media. I am pretty new to the NFT community but everyone has been super chill and it’s a community I can see myself being in for the long term. I love to connect with people and build strong relationships centered around honesty, drive, and motivation and I’m very excited to see the relationships I will create while being apart of the NFT community as we work to make ISOPads a top tier NFT.




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